Michael Behrisch

Research areas

Current topics

Traffic / Simulation

  • routing
  • dynamic traffic assignment
  • intermodal / multimodal routing and simulation
  • integration, comparison, and validiation of traffic models
  • parallel simulation

Computer science

  • algorithms on graphs
  • multi agent systems
  • agile methods in software engineering
  • acceptance and unit tests
  • (formal) verification

Software projects

microscopic traffic simulation with routing and support for various net formats (C++)
software testing tool (Python)
library of graphs and algorithms (Java)
all purpose media player and encoder (C)
minimalistic media player frontend with support for lcd and remote control (C)
tetris-like game as applet and midlet (Java)
Travelling Salesman Game and Steiner Game
applets to visualize graph algorithms (Java)
cooperative shopping and billing system (PHP)

Matheon Project A5

  • Modelling biological networks using randomized graphs
  • Design of algorithms to search in those networks and store them efficiently

Network data

Some complex networks.

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